Screen Test 44

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Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Ethan Wilder, Alan Hemar, David Swanson, Misko Sinak, Tyler Scott, Tyler Ross
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:01:50

Ivanek Ukara and Alan Hemar are checking out some movies on the laptop. As they watch, and listen to all the moaning they begin to kiss. Then they put away the laptop and concentrate on each other. They let their hands run over each other as they kiss with Alan kissing Ivanek’s hot body as his jeans are lowered. That releases his swelling cock which Alan grabs eagerly and begins to suck. His hot mouth sucks on the cock and his tongue licks the shaft and head. Alan wanks on that big cock as he sucks it. The huge cock gets hard in his mouth as he works on it and sucks on Ivanek’s balls. Jeremy Robbins Screentest has him paired with Misko Sinak. Both guys are very good looking and they start out by oiling each other. Then they kiss. Jeremy releases Misko’s towel and he pushes him down on the bed, laying on him as they continue kissing. Jeremy kisses all over Misko’s sexy chest as well. He sucks on the nipples as he works his way down to Misko’s cock which he then takes in his mouth. Jeremy sucks on that cock, making it hard in his mouth. Then he licks up and down the shaft as he continues to wank and suck it. Patrik Nalup agreed to a screentest, and for a partner we provided Dave Swanson. After a brief chat with the crew they begin to kiss and help each other get bare-chested. Then they kiss some more as Dave rubs Patrik’s groin. He lays on his back so Patrik can kiss all over his chest. Dave pushes his jeans down and Patrik lowers the underwear and begins to lick his cock. He takes Dave’s cock into his mouth and sucks it as it gets hard. He sucks on the cock and then the balls as well.