Sex Lords

Studio: Bareback Assault
Actors: Andrew Bozek, Antonio Biaggi, Anzar Kafir, Boris Lang, Dylan Hyde, Gaston Groupier, Rogue Status, Svetlin, Thomas Fuk, Tony Bishop
Running Time: 02:00:40

Enjoy vanilla sex? Then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve definitely come to the wrong place with this epic offering from Bareback Assault, featuring a bevy of mega horny studs who have only one thing on their mind. Little wonder that they see themselves as Sex Lords; as they suck and fuck each other like the wild animals they were surely always destined to be. No point in being a shy, retiring wallflower here, that’s for sure. The likes of Tony Bishop, Andrew Bozek and Dylan Hyde have got the horn real bad; and soon arses are being stretched like there’s no tomorrow in the quest for the next sexual high. All of which soon results in a total whiteout of spunk that gets shared liberally amongst these mindless whores!