Sexual Suitors

Actors: Adam Franco, Allen King, Papi Kocic, Sir Peter
Running Time: 01:30:04

Papi Kocic’s resume is impressive, but he thinks he’s got something job interviewer Adam Franco will like even more: his big, hard cock. The tattooed top takes it out and strokes it, then grips Adam’s tie as he makes the bottom suck him. The bottom cums as Papi fucks him doggystyle, then the top pulls out and shoots on his ass. Papi Kocic adjusts all the fine details of his suit as he waits for Allen King. The handsome bottom lays his suit jacket over a chair and offers to rub his host’s feet, then sucks Papi’s cock. Papi strips off Allen’s pants but leaves his shirt, vest, and tie on as he bends him over a chair and fucks him doggystyle. When tall, bearded stud Sir Peter notices Allen King looking dashingly handsome in his tuxedo, he boldly makes the first movein Sexual Suitors, and it isn’t long before the amorous pair are passionately embracing. After jacking each other off, Allen kneels down to greedily suck on Sir Peter’s long, thick dick in an enthusiastic deepthroat blowjob.