Sorry ‘Bout Your Hole

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Studio: Trailer Trash Boys
Actors: Joel Someone, Drew Sebastian, Martin Honor, Ryan Sebastian, Alfonso Osnaya, Grant Ducati, Isaac X, Masyn Thorne, Beau Butler, Bastian Karim, Casper Ivarsson
Director: Anthony Duran, Trenton Ducati, Jasun Mark
Running Time: 01:59:03

Them dirty Trailer Trash Boys over at Lot 45 are at it again in Sorry ‘Bout Your Hole. Uncle Drew Sebastian always seems to be getting his dick in another hole. Grant Ducati is only too happy to get him a drink and take that dink; Masyn Thorne is giving a “Shave & a Haircut & a Dick in the Hole” to Brian Bonds; Ryan Sebastian tattoos Joel Someone’s ass; Bastian Karim helps his buddies Casper Ivarsson and Martin Honor out; Beau Butler is minding his own business when Drew’s dick comes through the glory hole; and Isaac X and Alfonso Osnaya get their raw dicking on in “A New Hole in Town.” These dirty fuckers just can’t stop… and you won’t want to. That’s how we roll at Lot 45.