Special Treat

Studio: Hot Twinks
Actors: Johnny Castle, Alessandro Katz, Taylor Fierce, Parker Allen, Edwin Sykes, Gabriel Angel, Drake Blaize, Deacon Hunter, Jackson Reed
Running Time: 01:43:57

Everyone enjoys a Special Treat from time to time, and nobody more better than the horny guys in this spunktastic offering from Hot Twinks, featuring a bevy of young beauties who’s got cock on their mind. And pretty much nothing else, it’s gotta be said. Seriously, these gorgeous, heaven-sent sluts want nothing more than the sweet sensation of dick up their tight little boy-pussies; and it’s no time at all before Gabriel Angel, Edwin Sykes et al are enjoying every hard inch that the studio bosses have lined up for them. What’s more, they don’t hold back; and with not so much as a single condom in sight they’re soon pummelling and banging away like there’s no tomorrow. All of which quickly results in a torrent of spunk for all to enjoy.