Sporty Fuckers

Studio: Staxus
Actors: Beno Eker, Casper Randall, Davi Hollister, Connor Davis, Liam Stone, Bjorn Nykvist, Rudy Stone, Ron Negba, John Hardy, Finn Harper, Arthur Kral, Ian Ross, Connor Rex, Jaro Stone, Ray Mannix
Director: John Smith
Running Time: 02:48:56

Sport is such an integral part of so many young lives – be it playing on the pitch or just watching it on TV – that it perhaps stands to reason that the likes of David Hollister, Bjorn Nykvist and Arthur Kral have more than a passing interest in keeping fit and following whatever game takes their fancy. But it’s balls of a very different nature that catches their attention in this fabulous DVD of five-star Staxus performances; not to mention hard cocks and very hungry asses. The result is a stupendous array of couplings that will almost certainly have you giving your own balls a much-needed clean-out; as each one of these handsome buddies strips out of their kit in the quest for one hard raw fuck after the next!