The Easy Life

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Cliff Jensen, Ian Holms, Roman Todd, Trevor Harris
Director: Ian Holms, Siouxsie Q.
Running Time: 01:15:08

Aaron Terry (Roman Todd) and Mason Garrison (Cliff Jensen) are movie stars who accepted the challenge of living “The Easy Life” on a new reality television experiment. The guys will be taken out of their cushy lives and taken to the country where they’ll work the land and see how the other half lives. Welcome back to First Timers the show that asks the burning question: What will it take for two regular guys to fuck on camera? Or better yet what can these two regular guys take before they must fuck on camera. It’s a game of restraint or hopefully, a lack of restraint because if it was really about restraint it would be boring! This week we have the ever-eager Ethan (Trevor Harris) and Gavin (Ian Holms), who has his eyes on the prize. Will Ethan’s horniness prevail? Tune into First Timers to if these guys get banging!