Triple Trouble

Studio: Staxus
Actors: Adam Veller, David Hollister, Casper Randall, William Buchanan, Craig Kennedy, Eric Climber, Rodion Taxa, Denis Skala, Duke Forrest, Jake Stark, Ron Negba, Vittorio Vega, Beno Eker, Ethan Wilder, Vadim Borodin, Patrik Roa, Josh Evans, Gabriel Clay, Calum Dean, Bren Bar, Danny Jones, Jake Williams
Director: John Smith
Running Time: 03:31:17

Posh folk call it a menage-a-trois, but to the rest of us it’s a plain old simple threesome. And boy do you folks love them! Not that that should come as any surprise, of course. There’s surely nothing hotter than seeing a trio of handsome buddies enjoying hot, raw sex between each other; savouring the delights of spit-roasting, double-dipping, and a myriad of unholy positions that are only possible when there’s an extra wheel added to proceedings. So sit back, unzip, and relish a collection of classic performances from the likes of David Hollister, Calum Dean and Jake Stark; as the Staxus stable proves once again just how much trouble a boy can get into when he’s got two companions ready to suck and fuck like wild animals!