Virgin Twinks

Studio: Staxus
Actors: Matthew Berry, Damian Porch, Aiden Borg, Aaron Shine, Max Burda, David Hollister, Joel Tamir, Timmy Williams
Director: John Smith
Running Time: 02:00:26

We’ll leave it to your personal judgment as to whether the lads in this movie are virgins before the cameras start to roll; but one thing’s for sure, the likes of Aiden Borg, Matthew Berry, and Aaron Shine sure as hell aren’t virgins by the time director John Smith calls it a wrap! Then again, what else would you ever expect given the combination of one of the biz’s greatest producers and some of the hottest, horniest young Czech twink beauties ever to grace the screen. Suffice it to say you’ll love every single minute of these cock-crazed angels in action; as they team up in twos and threes for a seemingly endless session of sucking, rimming and fucking, resulting in copious quantities of cum being splattered on fresh, expectant faces!