Wet Boys in Love

Studio: Naked Beauty
Actors: Filip Bethsaida, Julian Fox, Angel Lopez, Chad Johnstone, Lucas Drake, Jaro Stone, Mike Cole
Running Time: 01:37:21

Hot twink sex is hot twink sex wherever it happens, but somehow it all seems even hotter when it’s by the side of a pool or (even better still) in the water itself. Something this band of cock-obsessed young beauties seem to understand better than anyone, as they head straight out of their trunks and into each other’s sweaty, swollen crotches. Lucas Drake, Chad Johnstone and the irrepressible legend, Jaro Stone, lead the action; as boy after horned-up boy indulges in their taste for hard, throbbing, uncut cock, resulting in a tsunami of pent-up teen-goo each and every time.