What He Hides

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe, Jayden Marcus, Calvin Banks, Siri Dahl
Director: Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:41:52

When Libby Spence (Siri Dahl) finds her husband Eric’s secret stash of gay porn, she’s shocked. Though Eric (Alpha Wolf) has recently become very preoccupied with volunteering at a local community center where he’s surrounded by new queer friends, she never thought that he could be gay. Libby’s emotions run the gamut as she grapples with the realization. When Eric’s new friend Harris (Isaac X) comes to drop something off, he notices how forlorn Libby is and after a conversation, admits that he and Eric are having an affair. What Libby does with this information has both Eric and Harris in shock. Jayden Marcos’ parents hire a cooking teacher (Calvin Banks) to help him become more appealing as marriage material. But when Calvin arrives and starts instructing Jayden, sparks start to fly and they realize the only thing on the menu tonight is going to be each other’s big cocks!