Wild Teamwork

Studio: Hot Twinks
Actors: Jack, Brent Daley, Ethan Knight, Devon Lebron, Shaun Mann, Tyler Tremallose, Oscar Roberts, Bradley
Running Time: 01:44:47

Team work makes for dream work, so they say; and it certainly proves to be the case here with this collection of horny twinks who’ve only got cock on their minds. Truth is they can’t wait to go down on all the thick, chunky dicks on offer; and before you know it the likes of Ethan Knight, Brent Daley and Oscar Roberts are up their slutty best, just as you’d probably expect. Throw in the amazing black schlong of the infamous Devon LeBron, and you have the serious makings of a twink-inspired classic, where every hot young hole gets stuffed to the max. If that sounds like your kind of entertainment – and why wouldn’t it be? Then get ready to rumble with the best; with a plethora of twink spunk serving as a fitting crescendo in Wild Teamwork.