Your Dad Taught Me

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Studio: Trailer Trash Boys
Actors: Alfonso Osnaya, Jonah Wheeler, Grant Ducati, Liam Skye, Greg Riley, Shae Reynolds, Isaac X, Zac Snow, Beau Butler, Drew Sebastian, Jack Hunter, Caine O’Connor
Director: Anthony Duran, Trenton Ducati, Jasun Mark
Running Time: 01:37:42

Them dirty Trailer Trash Boys are back and up to more dirty fun in Your Dad Taught Me. Traveling salesman Beau Butler knocked on Uncle Drew’s door and before he knew it, he had an ass-full of big hairy dick. Greg Riley gets some help from Isaac X. Alfonso Osnaya and Liam Skye are supposed to be painting, but instead they’re fucking on the floor. Jack Hunter and Shae Reynolds are still at it over by the tool shed.Caine O’Connor and Zac Snow are back again up against that dirty urinal with some fucking going on. And finally Grant Ducati tries to sell an old chair to Jonah Wheeler and gets his ass fucked for his troubles. Don’t ask us where we learned to suck dick…Your Dad Taught Me. That’s how we roll at Lot 45.