Airport Security 25

Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Jay Sheen, Steve Hard, Karel Omanak, Rado Zuska, Erik Drda, Mirek Belan, Petr Courek
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:05:18

We have three very hot straight guys in our latest Airport Security. Nikola Donoval is in charge of secondary inspections and he brings with Adam Egner and Karel Omanak. They are handcuffed together and stand as Nikola checks them out. He tells Adam to lower his pants and soon has him with the pants around his ankles, his dick on show. Then Karel has to do the same. He decides that he must be very thorough in his inspection and starts to feel all over Adam’s body. Then he does the same with Karel. The guys complain that it all seems weird, but Nikola takes no notice. What follows if a hot and intimate security check . Erik Drda is in charge of Airport Security today and he has Mirek Belan in front of him. Mirek has to complete a form, as he failed a security check. Erik seems very helpful as Mirek fills out the form, but he has some other ideas. Soon overpowering Mirek he strips him naked and straps him to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. Erik begins to torment Mirek, pulling his nipples and his hair and prodding his cock and balls with a nightstick. Mirek is moaning all the while. As he is released from the gag and blindfold he wants to know what is happening to him. But Erik is only interested in some sexy and pulls out his stiff cock, shoving it into Mirek’s mouth. Erik has more planned to put Mirel through for a thorough security check. Rado Zuska is in charge of Airport Security and he has Petr Courek in for investigation. Petr lies on the bed as Rado starts to check his luggage. Not happy with just checking the luggage Rado decides his needs to check Petr too. He stands him up and makes him remove his tee shirt. He pushes Petr to his knees. Then Rado pulls out his big hard cock and makes Petr suck it. Petr doesn’t seem to mind such an invasive inspection.