Jordan Fox Rough Fucks

Studio: Prime Gay League
Actors: Shawn, Phillipe, Jordan Fox, Nils
Running Time: 01:20:12

Jordan Fox is a dominant guy, and he’s feeling the need to enjoy as much cock and ass as possible. Fortunately for this steely-minded stud, the folks at Premier Gay League have teamed him up with a collection of horny young pups who all want this fellow’s dick for themselves and who will go to any lengths to savor every hard, meaty inch that he has to offer. What ensues is definitely a rough, raunchy ride for all concerned, as Philippe, Shawn, Edouard, and Nils get pushed to the limits by this handsome top, who’s only too happy to take full advantage of their submissive ways. All of which soon results in everyone spewing the kind of generous wad of pent-up spunk that will linger long in the memory of all concerned.