Doctor Does A Full Rectal Exam

Studio: Prime Gay League
Actors: Phillipe, Nicky Hole, Pan Bash, Carlos Verga, Adam Jones
Running Time: 01:20:39

If you’re going to the trouble of having a medical examination, you might as well have it done properly, a sentiment that’s carried through the entire length of this terrific chronicle from the guys at Prime Gay League. Indeed, when it comes to conducting a rectal exam, you can be assured that these medics go to every length to ensure that nothing gets missed, prodding and poking time and again in a manner that will almost certainly have you wishing that your doctors were as meticulous in their duties. And believe us, every instrument available gets used, with those tight little arses soon opening up like spring flowers to encompass the thick, meaty schlongs on offer. All of which soon results in a blizzard of cum from all concerned in Doctor Does A Full Rectal Exam.