Austin Wilde’s Flip Fuckers

Studio: Guys in Sweatpants
Actors: Austin Wilde, Felix Warner, Damon Archer, Max Penn, Christian Bay, Tyler King
Running Time: 01:17:23

It’s almost like Christian’s dick and Max’s ass were made for each other. They both showed off their deep throating skills to each other before having one of the best flip-flop fuck-fests that you’ll see. They’re both amazing bottoms, but both know how to do some real fucking just as well. Between the cock swallowing, ass eating, making out, facial, spitting on their cock before penetrating balls deep, and just overall passionate and raw sex, I’m not sure which is my favorite part. Which is yours?? Felix and Damon had met once before — and they’d already wanted to fuck. So having them both in the same city seemed like a perfect time to do just that. After a day of hanging out in the city, it was back to the hotel to get cleaned up. And what better place to initiate hot, passionate sex than in the shower. After going down on each other, Damon grabbed the lube, bent Felix over, and penetrated him right there! Once dried off and in bed, Felix throws Damon on the bed, grabs the lube, and starts fucking Damon as if to return the favor. After fucking each other all over the room, Damon finally pulls out, cums on Felix’s hole and then shoves it back in for good measure! Tyler and Austin hadn’t planned on doing a shoot together, but after hanging out at the house for a couple days, they both really wanted it. Fucking wasn’t even a question at this point, so they got out the cameras just for fun. And this is the ridiculously hot result. Tyler is new at sex and Austin hadn’t bottomed in quite some time, and even both having fat cocks, they both fucked each other crazy and loved it. They flipped a couple times, but ended up with Austin cumming deep inside Tyler… then continuing to fuck the cum out of him!