Between Sheets

Studio: Prime Gay League
Actors: Herve, Sacha Tella, David Valentin, Rudy, Wicked, Philippe
Running Time: 01:23:09

Who knows what goes on between the sheets of these handsome lovers? Well, were all about to find out – and there’s every possibility that Between Sheets won’t dissapoint you. Then again, of course, how could you be given the nature of the talent involved? Lads like Sacha Tella and David Valentin, whose appetite for all-male action is second to none, and who will stop at nothing to enjoy as much dick and ass as they can get. Add in an interracial aspect to the proceedings and you have the makings of a premier league classic; as asses get stretched to the max for everyones enjoyment. All of which soon culminates in a blistering bonanza of much-needed boy-juice; to leave the sheets in desperate need of a deep clean.