Bringing Out The Beast In You

Studio: Bareback Assault
Actors: Fostter Riviera, Jon Phoenix, Armin Philipps, Marcos Mateo, Jackson Fillmore, Brad Kalvo, Matt Stevens, Nick
Running Time: 01:44:52

It’s often claimed that there’s a wild beast deep inside all of us, but the fact remains that some guys are much more able to release their inner animal than others. Fortunately for fans of those more wild types, Bareback Assault has gathered together a band of rough and ready buddies who are only too happy to push sex to the boundaries. Not that you’ll think that at first glance, maybe; but once dick starts to make an appearance, you can be sure that the likes of Matt Stevens and Jon Phoenix are more than happy to become their true selves, pounding and grinding to full effect as a result. All of which very quickly culminates in some of the hottest gay sex imaginable, topped off with a stunning blow-out of spunk in all directions.