Cherry Busting 10

Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Karel Polak, Ondra Reza, Milos Ovcacek, Peter Uman, Stano Janda, Vadim Covrescu
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:16:22

We have two very sexy str8 guys in another cherry busting scene. It is Ondra Reza who gets his cherry busted, by Karel Polak. Ondra arrives to meet Karel and they sit at the end of the bed chatting about Ondra’s experiences. Then Karel leans over and kisses him. They lay back on the bed as they continue to kiss, running hands over each other. Soon their tee shirts come off and Karel is between Ondra’s legs pulling off his pants. That leaves Ondra naked, with his cock already hard. Karel is quick to go down on that cock as Ondra lays back and enjoys it. Karel’s head bobs on the stiff cock as Ondra moans with pleasure. In this Cherry Busting we have two very hot str8 guys, Stano Janda, whose cherry gets busted, and Peter Uman, who learns that an ass isn’t just for one thing, when he shoves his dick so deep in Stano. Following instructions from the crew Peter removes Stano’s tee shirt. After kissing again and rubbing each other, Stano is told to remove Peter’s pants and to wank him. Peter seems to protest a little, but moves his hands, revealing a swelling cock which Stano takes hold of. His wanking quickly gets Peter’s dick rock hard. Then he leans over and kisses and licks the cock. He takes it in his mouth and sucks on it, as directed. We have another great Cherry Busting, Vadim Covrescu is our sexy Colombian, who stayed rock hard while his ass was stretched by a dildo. This hot str8 guy has his ass busted by cock for the first time, with str8 guy Milos Ovcacek having the pleasure of being his first. Vadim explains that maybe he wants to try something with a guy, and maybe be fucked. As they kiss, they feel each other’s bodies. Milos kisses down Vadim’s chest to his groin. He gropes through the pants as he sucks a nipple. Vadim’s dick is responding to groping and he lies on the bed and has his pants and underwear removed. Milos takes hold of the exposed cock and starts to suck on it.