Cherry Busting 11

Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Erik Jarek, Franta Tucny, Hugo Antonin, Miro Dalek, Nicolas Daner, Tomas Salek
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:05:39

Tomas Salek, the most handsome and sexy of str8 guys gets his cherry busted by another hot str8 guy, Hugo Antonin. We join them as they sit on the bed with Hugo asking questions about Tomas’ sex life and experience. He gently persuades Tomas to try a kiss and, enjoying it. Tomas decides they can go a little further. They continue kissing and groping each other. Hugo opens his jeans and releases his throbbing cock. Tomas takes hold of the cock and wanks it, then leans forward to take it in his mouth. He sucks on Hugo’s dick so well for a novice, closing him mouth tight around it. Erik Jarek is a very hot str8 guy who gets his cherry busted by Franta Tucny. They start off by sitting on the bed as Franta does a brief interview with Erik. Then he leans over and they kiss rather noisily. Erike learns quickly and follows Franta’s lead as they pull off each other’s tee shirts. As they continue to kiss the guys feel each other. Franta lies down as Erik kisses his chest and works his way down the body. He opens Franta’s jeans, releasing his big, stiff, cock. Erik takes that dick in his mouth and sucks it hard as his head bobs up and down. Cute and sexy str8 guy Nicolas Daner is due to get his cherry busted by Miro Dalek. We have already seen Nicolas being fucked in another scene, but this video was made before that one, and was his very first time. He is sitting on the sofa when Miro arrives and starts to ask him some questions. Then they begin to kiss, removing their tee shirts as they feel each other. Miro gropes Nicolas as they continue to kiss. Nicolas reciprocates as Miro opens his jeans. Miro slides the jeans down enough to release his rampant cock. That big cock stands proudly as Nicolas leans over to take it in his mouth. He sucks on the big dick, his lips closed tight around the shaft.