Cherry Busting 9

Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Adam Zrzek, Anton Kaner, Dusan Polanek, Mirek Madl, Miro Dalek, Tomas Berger
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:01:48

Handsome str8 guy Dusan Polanek gets his cherry busted today by another sexy str8 guy Mirek Madl. We join them as Mirek sits between Dusan’s legs having his body felt all over. His tee-shirt is removed and Dusan’s hands run over the bare chest and down to his groin. Mirek’s cock is hard in his shorts as Dusan gropes him. Then Dusan’s tee-shirt is removed and Mirek goes onto his knees rubbing the bulge and then opening the shorts to release a stiff cock. Dusan takes the shorts off and Mirek gets to work sucking on the big, stiff, cock. Str8 guy Tomas Berger is paired with Adam Zrzek for a cherry busting. Not only that, but we get a flip-flop too. It is Adam who is getting his cherry busted and the guys are quickly naked and rock hard. Adam’s massive cock is first up for some hot sucking. Tomas’ mouth wraps tight around the big cock and he sucks voraciously. Adam is on his knees with Tomas’ head working on that huge cock. We have a great Cherry Busting, with hot str8 guys Anton Kaner and Miro Dalek. It is Anton who has never had sex with a guy who gets his hole filled by a cock for the first time. The guys sit and chat for a while and then they start to kiss. They quickly strip to the waist and Miro’s jeans go down to release his cock. Anton is eager to please and starts sucking on the rock hard dick, licking up and down the shaft too. His mouth wraps tight around the cock and Miro pushes his head down on it.