Czech Hunter 27

Studio: Czech Hunter
Running Time: 01:21:32

Czech Hunter presents Czech Hunter 27 including: CH 485, CH 488, and CH 491.CH 485: I was in the mood for rough sex today. I went out hunting for some innocent faces I could fuck. It took only about ten minutes to find a perfect guy. If you guys like having hardcore sex, this episode is for you. It was an expensive experience but well-worth it. First, I gave the guy a lesson in deepthroating. He didn’t take it very well, apparently my cock was too big. Then I turned my attention towards his tight virgin asshole.CH 488: Now the guy called us asking for more action and money, he even wanted to introduce us to his friend. I agreed because it meant two new asses for my dick. One of them invited us to his flat. Once we got there, I told them to undress and enjoyed the view. The guys were nicely ripped and got big cocks. They were a bit shy, two friends after all…CH 491: The poor dude was just walking around a park, trying to figure out what to do. The guy was 19 years old and really good looking so you can imagine what I wanted in exchange. He whored himself out but also made enough money to rent his own flat and start a new, better life. And I got what I wanted.