Czech Up 30

Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Martin Hovor, Ethan Wilder, Rick Palmer, Tony Milak, Ignac Dlouhy, Mirek Belan
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:06:35

Doctor Martin Hovor is in his office when Ivanek Ukara arrives to have some papers completed. That involves a check-up, so Ivanek removes his shirt and sits on the examination table. He then tells Ivanek to stand and turn around. Martin feels Ivanek’s back and tells him to remove his jeans and underwear. Standing naked Ivanek’s groin is checked out as Martin feels around, checking the cock and balls. Then Ivanek turns and bends over the table as Martin feels his hip, thighs, and ass. Then Ivan sits in the examination chair. Martin puts on some gloves as Ivanek’s legs are placed in the stirrups. That exposes his ass which Martin begins to examine. He spreads the cheeks and probes the hole with a finger. Ignac Dlouhy is one very sexy guy. We brought him in for a Czech Up with Mirek Belan. Ignac arrives, to have some treatment on a damaged knee. Mirek tells him to strip down to his underwear so that he can check him out. Ignac lies on the examination table and Mirek gets to work checking his body. Mirek takes his work seriously and likes to make his patients feel comfortable. Ignac slips a hand into Mirek’s underwear and gropes him. Then he moves down and kisses his balls. Ignac’s cock gets very hard and soon Mirek pulls it out and sucks on it. Alexandr Jander visits Dr. Tony Milak for a Czech Up today. He still has an injury which Tony says he will fix. Alexandr lies face down on the table so that the doctor can work his magic, hopefully. Tony begins to work on the injured back, checking the spine and then massaging and pressing down. He moves up to the neck too and works on that. Then he pulls Alexandr’s shorts down and starts to massage the sexy ass cheeks too. He leans down and kisses that ass and then begins to lick the tight hole too. Alexander turns over, removing his shorts in the process. Then Tony leans down and starts to suck Alexandr’s cock.