Fuck Feast 48

Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Jan Nurad, Peto Mohac, Tomas Salek, Zoran Jakotyc
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:04:32

Ignac is feeling horny and begins to caress Peto’s body. Pulling down the covers his hand runs over Peto’s sexy body. Peto wakes as he feels Ignac caressing and kissing. That cock is so stiff as Ignac licks up and down the shaft and sucks on the head. With his cock rock hard Ignac has Peto turn over onto his knees. He rims the sexy ass getting it ready for action. He licks his ass for a while then Ignac presents his cock to the hole and slides deep inside. Peto works his hole on that cock and then they move to the spoon with Peto wanking himself as Ignac’s dick works his hole hard. Peto wanks hard as the fat cock pounds his hole and he dumps his cum, shooting it onto his belly. Tomas Salek has hooked Jan Nurad and he entices him into some kissing. Tomas starts to suck. Jan licks at the balls too and takes the dick deep into his mouth as Tomas’s hips thrust in and out. Tomas’s stiff cock finds the hole and pushes deep inside. Jan’s hot hole works up and down on the hard dick. His own cock is standing proud too as he works his ass on Tomas’s pole. His hard wanking pays off as he shoots his huge cum shot all over his hot body as Tomas’ dick continues to fuck his eager hole. Tomas is soon ready to cum too and pulls out to dump his load all over Jan’s ass. Peto Mohac is chatting on his computer, playing a game when Zoran Jakotiyc arrives. Zoran pushes his pants down to release his cock with Peto eagerly begins sucking. Zoran takes Peto’s stiff dick in his mouth and sucks hard. Standing up again Zoran kisses Peto again who then turns and presents his ass. Zoran’s thick cock pushes into the waiting hole and starts to fuck. He milks himself dry as Zoran continues to fuck his ass. Then Zoran is ready to cum too and he pulls out to shoot his hot load onto Peto’s thigh.