Hard Pounding In The Office

Studio: Fresh Hotties
Actors: Daniel Johnson, Deacon Hunter, Connor Levi, Nathan Gear, Adam Watson, Reece Bentley, Josh Jared, Dan Jenkins, Aaron Slater, Scott Williams
Running Time: 01:38:43

Of course, they should be in the office concentrating on their work thats what you go to the office for, after all but when youre as horny as the likes of Adam Watson and Connor Levi in this offering from Fresh Hotties thats something that pretty much proves impossible. Truth is each one of these handsome buddies has only got one thing on their mind and it isnt replying to e-mails or updating spreadsheets. Indeed, the only spreading theyre interest in is the spreading of each others legs; as one thick, meaty dong after the next gets planted deep into a succession of sweet, hungry asses. The result is exactly the kind of fabulous gay escapade that will have you wanking like fury; topped off with a superb torrent of ball-juice!