I Like It Raw

Studio: Chaosmen
Actors: Denver Dubois, Boris, Jake Ducati, Zeno Rey, Kevin Texas, Solomon Aspen, Cooper Reed, Chad Taylor
Running Time: 01:52:29

Aspen is over at Cooper Reed’s place ready to give him a drilling like he’s never experienced! They blow each other and fuck until they cum on each other’s chests. Kevin Texas shows Denver Dubois how much he loves his ass by sticking it in raw before showering him with his cum! Muscular guys Chad Taylor and Zeno Rey can’t hold the passion back in this intimate fuck session together. They fuck hard before Chad shoots his load right into Zeno’s ass just the way he likes it. Jake Ducati is in bed with Boris, just dying to fuck him. It’s not long before they’re both naked and have each other’s cocks in their mouths! Enjoy!