Power Bottoms

Studio: Sean Cody
Actors: Thomas, Riley, Cam, Lane, Brayden, Kieran, Archie
Running Time: 01:54:34

Thomas & Lane Bareback: Chiseled, blonde-haired Thomas is looking forward to his first time getting it on with athletic Lane. “What are you most looking forward too?” asks Lane. “I just wanna suck dick. That’s it! That’s what I want!” answers Thomas. “That’s it? We’ll get to that. We’ll round all the bases,” giggles tattooed Lane. Archie & Brayden Bareback: Buff hunk Brayden and muscular, boyish Archie take a minute to admire each other’s hard bodies before going off to play. “I definitely like muscle, and you have plenty of muscle on you. Hair is way hot too!” says Brayden, as he feels Archie’s chest and abs. “Damn, you’ve got those things too! Hayes & Cam Bareback: “I’m gonna suck Cam’s dick today,” says adorable, muscular, brown-haired Hayes. “It was definitely interesting being in the park with people watching us wrestle,” says chiseled, blue-eyed Cam. “He looked really good in his grey singlet. His butt is definitely number one. His butt is amazing, and he has great legs; built like a little tank,” adds Cam. Kieran & Riley Bareback: Blond-haired Kieran and boyish looking Riley were on the basketball court sweating it out before their intimate one-on-one play. “So what was your first impression of me upon meeting?” asks athletic Riley. “I looked at you, and you were fucking cute as hell. You have the whole body thing going for you, which is awesome, and then I saw your ass! I was like I really need to get into that!