Raw Passion 2

Studio: Chaosmen
Actors: Vladan Krtic, Bentley Layne, Alan Davis, Gino Zanetti, Jason Windsor, Aiden Asher, Daniel Dean, Tyler Blue
Running Time: 01:54:17

Daniel Dean is back to fuck Aiden Asher! He dove right in with very few limits. He was down to kiss and rim, and he loved licking Aiden’s smooth ass. Aiden hovered over and then slid down on his cummy cock, milking the last bit of cum from his cock! Bentley Layne got all loosened-up earlier this week to take a big dick. Good thing too, because Tyler Blue has a nice thick cock! Jason Windsor tops! Gino Zanetti bottoms! Jason had to keep it slow and steady on Gino’s poor ass. Jason is a great Bottom, but that dick of his is huge, and Gino had a bigger challenge then he could handle! Alan Davis and Tom Bacan were very excited to get right into the action, and they didn’t wait any longer. As Alan gets fully erect, Tom begins sucking and throating Alan’s cock. As Tom lays on his back, Alan fucks Tom’s load right out of him as Tom busts all over his chest and stomach!