Raw Passion 3

Studio: Chaosmen
Actors: Beaux Matthews, Michael Mission, Helloo Jose, Greg Riley, Nico Nova, Dick Dawson, Quin Quire, Marco Lorenzo
Running Time: 01:49:42

Bareback sex scene with Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo! Both Beaux Matthews and Dick Dawson are verse, but I get the sense Dick really loves to bottom, yet when I watch him top, he has amazing skills. You will have to decide! Beaux fucks the cum out of Dick. Beaux then climbs onto Dick’s freshly spent cock, and rode him until he busted his own nut! This is Full-Tilt Action! Michael Mission wanted to do another massage video, but with him on the table. Nico Nova has the perfect bossy vibe to take control and really gets Michael relaxed, but in the mood to fuck. Nico clearly has excellent topping skills, and Michael as always, is one of the best Bottoms on ChaosMen. Nico really knew how to work the table too! Great balance! Greg Riley and Quin Quire have anal hardcore sex. Enjoy!