Secret Crushes

Studio: Prime Gay League
Actors: Angel, Callypso, Doryann, Alexis Tivoli, Lmdk
Running Time: 01:32:01

Many gay guys are rightfully open about their sexuality, but that doesnt mean that they go around telling every man they fancy that theyre besotted with them. Indeed, some of the best crushes are our secret ones; as the likes of Lucas Kenavec and Niels Angelson are only too eager and willing to explore in this latest offering from Prime Gay League. Okay, so it means that the action is most definitely behind closed doors, but if anything that only seems to heighten the sexual tension between these boys; as they take turns to suck, rim and fuck like the very best. All of which soon culminates in a tidal wave of pent-up ball-juice that gets splattered in every direction possibly to leave these horny beauties literally dripping in cum!