Soothing the Savage Beast in Me

Studio: Bareback Assault
Actors: Lukas Louda, Clark Longhammer, Rico Fatale, Joe Bexter, Mason Garet, Champ Robinson, Alejandro Alvarez, Hans Berlin, Ben Statham, Antonio Biaggi
Running Time: 01:55:34

Everyone knows that the lust for hardcore sex can bring the beast out of even the most laid back fellow, so it should come as no surprise that this bunch of horny fuckers are in animalistic overdrive right from the off in this fabulous bareback bonanza from the folks at Bareback Assault. Lads like Clark Longhammer, Joe Bexter and Lukas Louda, who are quite literally gagging for oral and anal action with like-minded brutes, and who will literally stop at nothing to get their holes rimmed and stretched by tongues, fingers and (most of all) cocks. The result is a top notch fiesta of wanton gay action that will have you reaching out for the Kleenex in no time; with a bountiful explosion of cum serving as a very satisfying finale in Soothing the Savage Beast in Me.